Cars We Don't Get

I will post pictures and hopefully links showing cars that we don't get here in the US. Mostly sold by the American "Big Three", but if something else catches my eye, I will add that also.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Australia struggles with the Globalization of auto manufacturing

The Ausies are struggling with the question of where there cars are coming from. They will end up with lables like we have in the US, declaring percentage of domestic content and coutry of origin. Click the link and see what Drive.AU has to say. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

Chevelle Project ?

El Camino in your future? Posted by Hello

The GM fans at Cheers and Gears would love to see a new Chevy line of cars based on the Holdend mechanicals under the new GTO. The above truck is the South African Chevy Ute. Click the link to see the Chevelle Project.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Welcome Darkcity Bob and good luck

A good friend is trying his hand at the blog thing and I want to wish him luck.
He's just getting started, but once he gets rolling I expect interesting stuff from him.
Click the link above to see his page and say hello.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Auto Index, interesting site of world cars

I stumbled across this site and thought others might find it interesting. You can search for automakers around the worl, either alphabetically or by country/region. It's an easy way to see what the rest of the world drives. I've added it to my links on the sidebar as well.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Daimler Chrysler

While Chrysler makes some exciting cars for the US market, they do not make any unique vehicles for export or overseas domestic markets. Unlike Ford and GM, Chrysler does not have the large production and distribution network outside of US. When Chrysler had to be bailed out by the Federal Government in the early 80's, they started to sell their overseas holdings, including 30% share in Mitsubishi, Simca-Talbot in France and Rootes in the UK.

Chrysler markets mostly some Jeeps and a small number of Chryslers overseas. And since there is nothing unique there to bring here, they don't get much attention thus far.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ford Ikon

Ford sells this model, the Ikon in Asia, Africa and Latin America. I believe it's based on last generation Fiesta mechanicals. Don't know how well it would sell in the US, but could compete with the Korean and soon to arrive Chinese models that will flood our market soon. Posted by Hello

Ford Falcon in Australia and South Africa

Not to be outdone in South Africa, Ford imports these hot Australian Falcons. With either 350 hp turbo I-6 or 5.4L DOHC V-8, these are beasts. Why won't they sell this in the US? Posted by Hello

Chevy in South Africa

This doesn't look like my sister's old Lumina! This is the Holden Monaro based Chevy Lumina, built in Australia and imported to South Africa. Posted by Hello

Chevy Lumina Backie from South Africa. We called it El Camino and in Australia where they build this they call them Utes. What ever you call it, it's mean looking. Posted by Hello

Another view of the four door GTO, I mean Chevy Lumina SS from South Africa Posted by Hello

Chevy Vivant, sold in South Africa  Posted by Hello

Actually, I'm glad we don't get this one. But it has a Chevy badge on it. This is the Chevy Spark, sold in South Africa Posted by Hello

Chevy of Australia aka Holden

Holden has an SS for every lifestyle, like this crew cab el camino style car/truck. It just looks bad ass. I'm not sure it would sell well in the US, but I want one. Posted by Hello

Holden Crewman SS side shot. Wouldn't you love something like this? Posted by Hello

Holden Commadore SS, a 4 door GTO from Australia Posted by Hello

Holden Crewman Cross 6, a GTO for the truck guys Posted by Hello

Is this cool or what? A four door, El Camino style vehicle from GM of Australia, better known as Holden. A GTO Crew Cab Posted by Hello

What won't Chevy put their name on?

This is a GM from Europe, wearing a Chevy nameplate, it is sold in the US as the Suzuki Forenza, and is built by Daewoo. Just an example of American companies selling different models in overseas markets Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mission statement

OK, I'm starting a new blog to showcase different cars from around the world, that I think would be cool to have here. Mostly dealing with cars that are on the market now, but will ocassionally post some older models that we missed. I'm a big car fan, mostly American cars, but not exclusively. I will be posting photos and links once I get started.